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-In Truth is Told-
In truth is told
Each inside does mold
His own view
Of me that's you,
In truth inside
And don't ever hide:
The Earth and Sky and all that is
Is my inside scheme and this does mean
That I did find in more than mind
All that ever is and was,
Nothing left behind,
And you my pals and those that doubt
By God I found and then was mine,
Mine own clout.

Understanding America Through History & Poetry

Enrich Your Understanding of America’s History with a Cultural Writer

America was called the “New World” for a reason. However short its history might be compared to the rest of the world, it has been exciting, terrible, and uplifting all at the same time. This country’s stories range from patriotism and valor to corruption and ignorance. When told by a gifted writer, delving into this country’s rich history can reveal all of the drama, intrigue, and heroism of a modern-day novel. Alan Lawrence Rosenfield, a cultural writer in Middlesex, MA, brings history alive and raises cultural consciousness through his writing and poetic works.

United Chicago and Los Angeles is the online home of writer and blogger Alan Lawrence Rosenfield. Having developed a passion for historical storytelling, today, his works focus on the importance of history and the founders of industry in America. Well-traveled across America, he named his site after his deep love for both Chicago and Los Angeles. Ready to present his work to a larger audience, he continues to post his writings to his U.S. history blog in the hopes that his readers reach a better understanding of America’s place in the world.

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Rosenfield has a deep and abiding interest in American history, both national and local. He sees his works of historical storytelling as a fulfillment of his obligations as an American, college graduate, and former businessman. He continues to travel across America, meeting and conversing with people of all ages, classes, ethnicities, and posting writings on his various blogs. Some of his most recent works include:

The Critiqueer Light of the West
Portola and Mountain View Through the Mists of Chestnut Hill

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Understanding the Writer’s Passion for History

It wasn't until Rosenfield arrived in Chicago that he felt could fulfill his potential as a cultural writer. He found that the people were friendly and the city was rich in history, as many of the settlers who developed the West stopped in Chicago during their journey. He continued west until he ended up in Los Angeles.

His goal is to lobby for the common good of all people, through poetry, historical research, and political engagement. By reading his writing and U.S history blog, he hopes his readers will develop a stronger, richer understanding of how we as a society relate to our past, present, and future. Whether you are black, white, or Hispanic, Rosenfield's writing is for you. It is written to appeal to people of all cultures, religions, and creeds.

Contact the author in Middlesex, Massachusetts, to learn more about his travels and historical works. His goal is to educate readers nationwide.


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